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"Many strategy and management problems do not require a big team of consultants - but are solved best in collaboration with one man with the experience of a large consulting firm!"

Design and facilitation of strategy planning
The preparation of a strategy plan includes many decisions based on a mixture of facts and qualified assumptions. Hence the experience of the management team, its style and intuition plays a significant role in the decisions - making the plan relevant, consistent and operational. Because of this it is clear, that the management should play the leading part in the preparation of the strategy plan. It is seldom a good idea that consultants suggest a strategy plan; however an experienced strategy consultant can make a world of a difference in assisting with the design and execution of the strategy process.

I assist the management with the design and facilitation of the strategy process. Furhter according to agreement I assist along the way with supervision, quality assurance, advice and inspiration as well as chairing of meetings and seminars. I have been involved in the preparation of more than 60 strategy plans for all sizes of companies and organisation - both private and public/non-profit.

Management Advising and Coaching
Strategy and Management are two sides of a coin. There must be a well oiled machine, that is adjusted to focus on what creates value now, and that delivers the strategy for value creation tomorrow. I go into projects that establishes the infrastructure and the systems, that is necessary. Further I advice and coach managers and management teams on among others:

  • Strategic Management
  • Managing for Value Creation
  • Execution
  • The management of consulting firms (also based on my time as operative director in a big consulting firm)
  • Change Management & Turn Arounds
  • Considerations regarding incentive programs (bonus systems)
  • Corporate Governance and the practical function of the Board of Directors

Independent board member
The experience from my time as operative director and from many strategy and managemnet assignments has proven valuable in a role as independent non-executive director.

Speeches, Lectures and Workshops
I give speeches, lectures and facilite workshops on the subjects stated above. I try to do it in a way where the audience or participants are provided a frame of reference to be used for their own further thinking and competence development.



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