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”A good strategy process is also a good management development process!”

Briefly about myself
Since 1975 I have as management consultant assisted both large and small enterprises in many industries, non-profit organisations and public administration organisations in setting goals for the future, developing strategies to make it happen and in adapting the operations to do it efficiently. Briefly: I have since 1975 been advising on general management.

In the period of 1977 – 1990 my base was the leading Danish consulting firm, T. Bak-Jensen A/S, where I became partner in 1983. In 1990 we sold the firm to the British based PA Consulting Group. Here I continued as global partner and operative director responsible for the Strategy & Shareholder Value Practice in Denmark. Further I was globally co-responsible for PA's strategy concepts.

In 2002 I decided to leave PA for a more flexible and pleasurable work life with fewer hours. Since then I have as independent individual focussed on:

  • Advising on strategy and general management
  • Independent non-executive board memberships
  • Giving speeches and writing articles

My core competencies are to ensure:

  • that the organisation has a clear and implementable strategy
  • that there is a well oiled machine to deliver the strategy - i.e. structure and systems

Any organisation has a purpose. My key competence is to assist in that the given management fulfills this purpose efficiently. Or in other words to assist in creating more with less. My point of departure is the CEO's responsibility and tasks.

Further I have from time to time for government institutions undertaken analyses, memorandums and evaluations on matters relating to industry policies etc. These assignments has been valuable for the external factors part of my strategy advising.

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