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Many years of experience as:

Strategy- and Management Advisor

Operative Director in a large Consulting Firm

Independent member of several Boards of Directors

Thank you and good bye – game over, I have retired!

Dear network – former colleagues, clients, client’s staff, collaboration partners and others.

After 44 years of service as a management consultant and strategy and management advisor (probably the longest period for any Danish professional), I have retired. It has been 44 exciting and rewarding years. Thank you!

Mit website vil be accessible until 2021-12-31.

From my experience I have in my last paper boiled down my view on sound strategizing. Read here:

31 pages with guidelines for sound strategizing


When you as a manager or owner of a company need a strong fundament for exercising your management role in an unpredictable world:

  • assistance to the development of a stratetgy plan that is being implemented and continuously adjusted
  • assistance to craft principles for a daily operation that is trimmed to execution and efficient value creation
  • an experienced person to talk to
  • a sharp independent board member

One man with the experience of a big consulting firm!


The competitive environment for private enterprises and the conditions under which both the private and the public sector excersises their activites have during the latest years become quite unpredictable with frequent changes and need for adaption. The globalisation and the technological development have for a long time been important contributors to this. Furthermore the political agendas in some of the worlds leading countries have lately become partly unpredictable and quite different compared to what we have been used to.Brexit and the presidential election in USA are just two very visible examples. Disruption has become everyday life for most people and it has become much more difficult to be a top manager or a manager at all. No manager is able to cope with the enormous increase in information and knowledge necessary to manage the organisation for which reason much decision power must be delegated to employees. Consequently managers more than ever need a solid, however flexible, fundament to act on in the form of durable management priciples and a robust strategy plan. Many find that under such circumstances strategy planning is irrelevant - but this is a a mistake that will lead to chaos.

Management is not rocket science. The management task is fundamentally simple, but unfortunately very difficult to exercise in practice. It is about guiding the organisation to do the right things and to do them right! However the economic crisis and the increasing global competition has made it very troublesome to find out, what the right things are, and has put great pressure on doing them right to improve competitiveness.The good old days will never return. This calls for a truly realistic and no-nonsense approach to strategy and management.

To do the right things is what you have a strategy plan to tell. Any company or organisation has a strategy plan. Having no formal plan is also a plan, namely business as usual. In that way you leave the future of the company to chance. Some find that strategy plans are of no use in todays unpredictable and fast changing world. On the contrary! More than ever strategic management and strategy plans are needed. As general Eisenhower said: "no battle was ever won according to the plan - nor was any battle ever won without a plan". The preparation of a strategy plan is also not rocket science. Done the right way you get strategies that will be implemented, possibly after several adjustments of the plan, but that is much easier than preparing a new plan. In return you will experience a significant upgrade of the managements competencies. A strategy process is at the same time an excellent management development process that yields a clear and shared perception of where the organisation is going and how to get there.

Tor to the things right is about having an effecient operations machine. That the operation is trimmed to execute and deliver - every day. That it is clear, what it is in daily operations that truly creates value. That there is a well working management-infrastructure with the necessary systems, procedures, norms and standards, and that all individuals know their roles, key succes factors and performance targets. That there is a culture where employees, who are proud of their skills, creates valuable results and devlelop their competencies to the benefit of both themselves and the company


”Neither strategy planning nor management is rocket science. It all gets easier if you comply to some simple thruths!”


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